Upper Body

Many of these one-of-a-kind works are commissioned in advance, and while not available for sale, can be easily duplicated with your own custom modifications. Each piece is unique! In stock items are also one-of-a-kind and were created to show and to sell.

“No Strings Attached” This piece came from a very vibrant, young lass who could play the fiddle like no one I’ve ever seen. It was a privilege for me to create this piece of art for her. One of my assistants, Linda Bader, come up with the name. It will now and forever more be known as “No Strings Attached”.

Price: $499

“Lover”Commissioned works:  These were done for their husbands as gifts.Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day… Definitely a very unique gift.

Price: $150.00

“Sleepy Sunrise”


Dimensions: 25 x 28 x 9


Semper Bi“Semper Bi”An ex – Marine had her breasts done and we put a desert camo pattern on it.$150.00

Sorry… Can’t have this one. It has a permanent place in our purple bathroom. We just love it!!!These pieces are sealed and can be weather resistant if under cover. Our bathroom has been subjected to: 4 teenage boys, 3 women that love HOT showers,  a husband, and 2 grandsons! Lots of steam and still protected. Just need to be dusted with a feather duster once and awhile.

Comissioned work:
This is the other girl that got her breast plastered at the camping trip. (with Tye Dyed)

“Yello Beans”
The texture was made with navy beans. They soaked up all the water in the plaster and fell off.  It feels cool to touch it.



Comissioned work: She wanted her piece sanded smooth like the “Orchid” and the Celtic “M” is embedded.
28 x 36 x 7


Here comes Treble”
Comissioned work: The treble clef is embedded in the plaster and the texture is made with a bamboo brush.
Burnt orange with autumn designs

“Autumn Leaves”
23 x 17 x 5
“Cheaper by the Dozen”
This is one whole piece that has 12 very different breasts on it. They are all real and differently textured as well. This one is a favorite of Nathan’s. We want Ron Jeremey (long time porn star) to buy it!!! He will remember what breasts looked like before the industry of porn got into “enhanced breasts”.  It’s hard to find natural breasts anymore.
54 x 54 x 8


“The Flow of Gold”


“Roach Hotel”

OW She’s a “Brick …   House” she’s mighty mighty, Just letting it all hang out…
 $ 180.00

“Wild Orfices”
The image style is borrowed from Pink Floyd’s video, The Wall. It is a great piece! It is two flowers simulating sex.

$ 260.00

 This piece was styled after the movies Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is a custom piece. The client is a fan of Audry Hepburn and requested a piece inspired by her. $600.00
                                                                                                                                    “Seasons Don’t Fear The Reaper” $400.00
                                                                                                                                   “Godzillara”This art was the first outdoor, live plastering event.  It was done at campground. She wanted a piece that involved Godzilla. $250.00
 “Flowers” $200.00
 “They Float”This piece was created to simulate a lady’s chest floating in the water. The idea came from a bunch of hashers swimming in a pool at Lake Como Nudist Resort.  $350.00
                                                             “Skull”In Loving Memory of Johnny “Widebars” and Laurie Taylor
 “On Ahead”Jolly Rogers Hash House HarriersOn! On! 

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  1. Pamela Coon says:

    I have decided to save my penny’s, and have my breasts done,for a replica of the purple one in your bathroom. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have been invited into your home to view all of your art. Thanks again for a wonderful evening!

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