Full Body


Many of these one-of-a-kind works are commissioned in advance, and while not available for sale, can be easily duplicated with your own custom modifications. Each piece is unique!  In stock items are also one-of-a-kind and were created to show and to sell.

Jeweled greenish toned mermaid“Full Body Mermaid”        This Mermaid Princess is stretching and waking up for the new day. Her shell crown is magically displayed in her flowing, seaweed hair.

66 x 42 x 11        $1,400.00

 One of Nathan’s first full body casts.

A raw piece that has not been textured or painted. (naked)

The figure is going to be transformed into an Asian Tiger
with a background of grasses and such or…    You can ask us to paint it any way you want. $1,800.00

                                                                                                                                                              Blue green and orange celestial designs

“Nude Horizons”


Featured on the front page and on our business cards.

This is an awsome piece.  It sat naked in our studio for a long time waiting for the “art” to come out. One weekend, we drank a big bottle of Sangria, and finished it in 3 days. The skyline has both the colorful sunrise and the moon still in the semicloudy sky. Both are reflected in the torrent, swirling sea.  It is amazing to look at all the action in the texture.

A true piece of art.    31 x 71 x 8    $1,600.00

Mermaid tail


“Ketch of the Day”                          


Beautiful finish with all the colors you would find on a mermaid tail. Display this rare ‘catch’ instead of a Marlin or a Swordfish! What a tale you can tell.

30 x 74 x 10       $1,200.00



“The Golden Guardian”



This piece is inspired by the comics books.  The plastering was art that was created during a live stage performance at Fetish Con in 2008 by Inthesky Art Productions.  

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