The Foxxy Dame Collection

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If you choose a Piece of Art that all ready has been purchased, then another piece of Art the same caliber and syle as the Art in the Picture ( Artist License) will be created for you, Which Allows for the ONE OF A KIND ART!!!

 “Tittee”Foxxxy Dame  is a spectacular artist in her own rite. She paints with her breasts on canvas. She also used her technique on a plastering of her breasts. One of Foxxxy Dames’  unique art pieces. $499.00  
 “Martiti”Another one of Foxxxy Dames’  great pieces!Foxxxy Dame is a very creative artist.  This piece was breast painted on one of our plasterings of her breasts. She also uses this techinque on canvas as well.  $499.00
 Piano Design“Tickle My Ivories”Tickle My Ivories was inspired by a dream I had and I drew it on the whiteboard in the studio. It sat there for six months until it came to life on Foxxxy Dame.

29 x 27 x 10


 “Sun Grown”Sun Grown was inspired by Foxxxy Dame herself. She explained to me what she was looking for and this was my vision of her ideas. $500.00

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