Many of these one-of-a-kind works have commissioned in advance, and while not available for sale, can be easily duplicated with your own custom modifications. Each piece is unique!  In stock items are also one-of-a-kind and were created to show and to sell.

Zebra painted buttocks and thighs“Behind Bars”Linda Bader painted and named this one. Very Clever, don’t you think?! The zebra print is a painting style that we have been playing around with. Animal prints are always popular and will match any homes’ decor. We can do any animal print you want.This animal “trophy” could be boasted about at your next Christmas party!!25 x 27 x 9
“It’s a Stretch”

Giraffe, cheetah, cow…  any print you want!

 29 x 27 x 6

“Blue Moon”Comissioned Work: Ruby Redd  wanted something for her kitchen and this piece matches the chrome great!    

  • you choose it
  • we paint it
  • you name it
  • you give it a good home!! 


Bright orange back and buttocks“I’m Back”29 x 14 x 8$300.00
Natural toneed male buttocks 


Nude but… nothin’!

Cara got to plaster this guy’s butt.  LUCKY!!!

23 x 21 x 10

Bright green with diagonal orange bar design“Hot Seat”Really great design, on a really great bottom! 20 x 19 x 10
 “Pirates Booty” 
It be the remains of me buxom beauty’s backside. Ye saucy wench wanted me to keep her around all the time, so I put me treasure map on her back. During a swaggering good time she let her tongue and dress slip one too many times. The dastardly pirate that I am, had to send her down to Davey Jones’s locker. Yet she be always amongst me most treasured items in me captain’s quarters. Savvy?This is a proper pirates booty that me hartiees must possess. May it don a place of honor in ye fully rigged vessel.


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