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Body casting, also known as life casting, is the process of taking a mold directly from the body to produce a sculpture as accurate as a photograph. Body casting is a dramatic sculpting technique which has a long history and an established following.

At Inthesky Art Productions we work together to create intricately textured plasterings and illusions of paint. We do everything from full body casting to pregnant tummies and we can do commissioned work or you can chose from our many designs and textures.

Angela Sommers Body Plastering


AngelaSommers3 AngelaSommers2

“Oops, Now I did it!”


“Pirates Booty”









It be the remains of me buxom beauty’s backside. Ye saucy wench wanted me to keep her around all the time, so I put me treasure map on her back. During a swaggering good time she let her tongue and dress slip one too many times. The dastardly pirate that I am, had to send her down to Davey Jones’s locker. Yet she be always amongst me most treasured items in me captain’s quarters. Savvy? This is a proper pirates booty that me hartiees must possess. May it don a place of honor in ye fully rigged vessel.



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  1. Skip Leatham says:

    Hi Nathan, nice to meet you in the pool at paradise lakes. Here is the painting I was betting you may have seen?

  2. Timothy Rogers says:

    Hi Chipper,
    Love the website. Great work.

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